A highlight from The French Open Catch-Up: Finals - Comeback King Djokovic rules Tsitsipas in 5; Queen Krejcikova captures singles + doubles titles; CAS results!; Is Djokovic on for a Golden Slam?; Federer back in Halle; Murray Queens expectations


Came the fred. Chauffeured has come to a close. We have had the men's final today and it was a true true epoch. Stephanos passes you're rich. While we surprise it went to five sets. Actually i was a little bit surprised by that. But i mean for me. This was a bit of a day. Really i mean for another british fines. This football the euro's had started and it was just a big a big weekend of spoil and really. The french open and the finals was a great way to to capital of the annoying thing. Joel was that it mostly clash with australia versus which was obviously top of my agenda at this weekend so hard to do a bit of scheduling channel hopping. Genuinely i was. Actually i actually in the pub earlier whilst this It was going on. And i asked the lady to put on the french open final and i thought that was going to be relatively simple as australian macedonia individual. Who really wants to watch that. But i got a flat-out nerve from the the pup lady and I was that. just watching. Watching the pass djokovic drama unfold. Oh my by six inch screen on my iphone. Wish she like navy jovic to go was a. Maybe she was in dow founded. She was very bitter and she just did not want to see on tv. But it's probably more likely. I can sympathize archie. Ibuka cactus yesterday. My desk and i caught it or some. I thought maybe this'll be a good luck job but sadly that didn't that worked out very well. It was working out for the first two sets because steph suppose really started started in a very surprising fashion. I think for a lot of people of jovic came through six seven. Two six six three six two six four. But really i mean we're only i think in a state of shock really about the way it's sorta started with cisa pass really coming out with a foster with those. Those are two. Says he had a set point. I think fife four on his own old navy seventy. we didn't quite make and then break him and they've out serving for and then yes. It's fast break back into the tie-break sits went full of up and then they sort of crude it back and he thought oh you got to get this set like surely if he goes set down. Econo- thing okay. Here we go regulation but Yeah i was. I was pleasantly surprised. I probably underestimated spice. I thought he would be really reading of us from the word gay like first grand final and i just. I didn't ever see this shot. She being five senator and when he went two sets i was thinking. Oh that was definitely no on the cards A nave did seem abou- sorts. I always feel like when he was his peak cap. He's not never quite say when he did seem to be. Having sort of some issues with the sodden with his is at one point. And i know he just didn't really seem competely at the races. Avance it's frustrating very well but obviously we know that navy even tea sets out in a slam. Final is probably still the favourite especially against someone you know. He's in their first sign. Final is on undeniably going to get tight at some point. I think we've novak djokovic. It was it was kind of fascinating to see how he was gonna come back from that epoch. he had with nadal in the semifinals. Because we know we know how hard it is to follow up such a massive victory with another massive victory and again. We've seen at roland garros before play. You have beaten raffin. The dow come a cropper in their next match or in the tournament. So we had robin sage sailing. Beat nidal lose to federer. In the final novak djokovic beaten al in a few years ago stan favoring could beat him in the final and with those first two sets getting the way it did too to surpass. I think was was on the cards again and really paying testament to the fat the how difficult videos to follow up winning against someone in in the big three. You know all of that exertion and then doing again a few days later against someone with the caliber in the form that he's in instead of us. I think you know the other thing is while the the sort of wondering why jock itch was in the racist particularly in that second sat was this was a day match and again i don't know if there was any sort of struggles with adopting from the night the night session effectively are night's session that he played with with maddow going into this day session. The conditions being a little bit different. I wonder if that also maybe took some time to get used to. Yeah i was at one point thinking. Oh if they leave. The semi final had been played at two pm. He bright sunshine again rafeh. But yeah. I think yeah. It was a combination of things but at one point i thought it was a joke. Rich of variety. Once this we can see that the children that bertini in the battle cry off towards like you could tell how much it means to him to get this title for a second time and to be the first player in the open air to have like a double slam and have won at least twice on on all four slams at so to say maybe he wants it too much and that's actually affecting his games day but as the match went on as we go into that third set. That was like a very long game wasn't nothing was about eleven minutes. Long jovovich finally managed to To get that break and that was what we need it in the end to to clinch shot. That's when it went to full. You could kind of tell it was starting to shift completely and sit surpass. Had some treatment on sort of his hip lower back area. He went very quickly down a double break in not full sutton day before before long we were in five and you kind of thought that would really be one winner. From then on yeah. It was quite fascinated from the perspective. Because in the semi

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