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It's blue talisman. And right now we're joined by TIA and tiny accuser entrepreneur Sabrina Peterson. Alright, Sabrina, Welcome to the show. Now, Look, you haven't spoken to anybody. We're glad that you came to Hollywood online. I have to ask you. A lot of people were criticizing about posting that video about what he had done to you and pulling the gun where you triggered because he did The post. About things going on in your community and trying to be an upright guy, and you saw it and knew what he did to you years ago exactly like you just like like you like If I could just tell you the dining in saying like, you know, like at me, and I won't do this. Do that on camera because it's just not the most player thing to do. Like you need like, If you can't stand for people you need to sit and apologize. And right. You're wrong people into But you can't stand for black women. You can't stand for black boys. You can't stand for black anything and until you can stand in the face of the same people that you're saying you're standing for And be able to apologize for your transgressions. Alright, well, I appreciate you sharing that, but when we come

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