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Why is forgiveness so important this side of the fall. What's the purpose of it. And why is it important. Bob could we first define forgiveness. Because does it mean you let go of resentment but you don't forget perhaps ed tried to understand is we're supposed to learn from things as we go through life so i would appreciate. We discuss just for a moment it. Does it mean to forget and learn. Lessons does it. But it may mean you let go of perhaps your anger at somebody or you avoid developing hatred toward them. Something like that but you still learn lessons okay. Rita without forgiveness relationships remain broken in concrete restoring relationship about forgiveness. Yes wilson i run. Forgiveness is needed for reconciliation between two parties and we as humanity became estranged from god. And we need to know an internalized. God's forgiveness in to have reconciliation. Take place are set. Some door wife Insensitive and she responded in a way. It was with her feelings without the process of forgiveness and reconciliation. We'd still be having a problem this morning right but we're not because we worked through. It worked out. I apologize the process of that is just restoration. I think guy wants to same thing with us. Okay thank you'll and the majority of the lesson is taken by the story of joseph and they we will see a beautiful illustration of the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation theory. I think forgiveness is generally greatly misunderstood while i agree that without forgiveness. A relationship certainly has no hope of reconciliation however if we neglect to learn lessons that we might have needed to learn as bob brought up. I submit that. It's extremely dangerous to move forward with attempting to restore relationships. If there is true danger there. We can't forget that sometimes we can forgive yet up our quote unquote right for revenge but it would be entirely foolish and dangerous to step back into a relationship in some circumstances yes irish. I think there's one more aspect and that's the part of self forgiveness. I've come that as i am studying. Chronic illnesses and the often associated self management. That is such a challenge for many patients. And when he comes for example to hiv aids where you have to commit basically to certain routines to take medications regularly and faithfully. There is the question in the literature. Why do some people succeed in that and live good at full. Life's and why are some struggling and one of the things that i've found. Is that in many of these. Chronic illnesses that have a component where wrong lifestyle choices have been made over years and now they brought to such a situation as a chronic illness that you have to live with the aspect of self forgiving or forgiving others who have wronged you is essential to being able to deal with a chronic illness in a constructive way so i think that may be an additional aspect and i think also when we have done something about proud of ourselves. Also they're the aspects in order to move beyond. We need to forgive ourselves. It's not just enough to say yes. God has given us. But there's also the aspect have been able to forgive myself. Can i let go. And can i now be open to being all that. God calls me to be and so forgiving ourselves might be very difficult. Part of the job of the process especially for certain types of people manlio see forgiveness as not jazzed process of meat forgiving others. Who have rung me. I wanted to see the other side of the coin. And when i think of being forgiven by god for my

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