NASA's 'Hedgehog' Robots Hop, Tumble in Microgravity

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Comets asteroids and hedgehogs these spiky little robots are perfect. Fit for low gravity exploration. This is innovation now exploring comets. Asteroids and small moons can be a difficult task. So what kind of design could be used for exploration a joint team. From nasr's jet propulsion laboratory stanford university and mit believe that hedgehogs are the answer. Let's hear more from. Ben hoffman a graduate student at stanford university working on the project. We've done a lot of modeling with various different types of analytical numerical models. And we've learned a lot the hop angle is more a function of the shape of the rover. So with this type of impulsive. Breaking cubic shape provides a nice forty five degree hop on average. The team is experimenting with fly. Wheels and friction belts to create the momentum that allow the hedgehogs to hop or spin across the surface. We took this prototype down to houston and flew on the vomit comet for two hundred. And if you guys aren't familiar with that it provides about twenty second windows a relative weightlessness. So in each of these twenty seconds we were able to test maneuver so far. The prototypes funded through. Nasr's innovative advanced concepts program are just what the engineers order

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