A highlight from Samm Levine, Bri Pruett and Dan Van Kirk guest

Doug Loves Movies


That was pretty fucking good. After a year i thought are they gonna screw that up today. Still have their yelling out. This is douglas movies game on and the answer is yes very strong. I brought lots of stuff to give away tonight. Including lots of those cb bleached and unbleached cones. And yeah. i've got a lot of them so i'll be like just chuck amounts of the crowd throughout the show. I've also got this big a crate full of stuff. Yeah jesus is right. I've been getting a lot of free shit over the last year and looking like a hoarder and finally my chance to unload some stuff. It's wednesday. June ninth twenty. Twenty one worth the improv. In brea california in front of a limited capacity distance hopefully faxed crowd and happy to say for the first time in over ear plugs stuff. Blood was slowly getting back out on the road. You will continue to get weekly episodes via zoom the way we've been doing them but We will also start adding an audience

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