A Look at the Current State of Cyber Security


L. o. Everyone this is allan shark and welcome to come. Tia's shark bites part of public technologies outreach to members and non-members alike in today. We have a treat. Today we're going to have a discussion conversation with dr theresa's custos terrific ascend that i've known for many many years and For those of you. Who are not familiar with this name. Someone who was the first president of the public technology institute although it was then public technology inc and I think you were the third or yes third executive director but the others had a very very short stint. You re pti some thirty plus years so tell us what led you. What led you to get into in the first place now I was just a young young kid with long hair. Just fresh out of college. And it was nineteen. Seventy one and the bigly session was on. And i send out eighty-one letters to go teach as all. Phd students that get their phd. Do and i got one rejection letter and eighty silences. I was desperate. And i went knocked on the door of the national bureau of standards back then it was missed today and they said we're interested in this set covering theoretical location. Packet that you've created for your mind to come work for us but you know what we're under job freezes well so we're going lend you to this organization that struggling to get started that was nineteen seventy one. And that was the technology advisory program assistance program technology calls you assistance program Had the ics may the international city management association.

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