Creating Trust in Data With Data Observabilty



Bar welcome. It's great to have you on the show. It's great to be here. thank you for having me. I'm excited to be speaking to you. About the state of data driven organizations they equality the reliability and all the cool things monte-carlo working on before we get started. I'd love if you can walk us through your background and how you got into the data space. Yeah happy to so I was actually originally born and raised in israel. I i i was actually drafted. Israeli air force Enjoys it was commander of data analyst unit. I moved to the bay area about a decade ago. after that is in math in stats Actually i thought it was going to go in deck -demia At made that is actually a physics professor and so thought that i was going to follow his footsteps but Ended up having to was my big phil. My dad moment When i didn't didn't continue maybe sometime later in the future instead actually went to work for a consulting company called bannon co Where i work mostly with companies actually on on on their data strategy in operations In later on joined gain side. She's a customer success company Where was very fortunate to beat the company as time very fast and work some great people learn about how to create a new category gained site. I'm help create the customer success. Category and build a number of different functions among them the customer data and analytics team where we were responsible for data internally also four servicing our data to our customers of in helping them see from it And so those were some of my experiences with with data on. Actually how how encounters of the problem of of data downtime prior to starting monte carlo a few years ago

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