A highlight from The Traders Journey: Clarity Understanding Your Plan


The show is proudly sponsored by tried to call dot com. And i'm going to bring you a testimony today from a course member from two thousand eighteen high craig. Congratulations and achieving your goal. I've also achieved goal. Basically use the method you taught at your workshop found v. w. m. i. Set up to be thirty at thirty to be very good friend to me. Thanks to you for my family. I now have total financial freedom. Chase my this could be you as well take the plunge get started a visit. Try to called dot com now. Welcome to the traffic of crypt. I show once again. Version of the traitors junie. So that'll cover i. Guess the The pre checklist to my checklist. So once you found the try you know. What sort of things do we need for. Tried to be a trite but this this is going assad from the actual checklist to find a trade obviously got three trading strategies for those three trading strategies. They all have checklists of essential factors. That must be met and bonus factors that helped build it from ability. And if you've got a couple of trades. John pick which one or which ones to go with. But just for those of you who don't know the trading strategies and trying to work out what constitutes trade to an investment we'll trade for may require is at least two things it needs to have an entry the stop loss. Now i say many people that they're talking about trade. They've taken but they they basically don't have a stop loss and it's not really trading. You know buying something hoping it goes up. That's cool investing. Essentially you know buying it and going well all white until it gets back up to the before i still. That's that's not a great strategy. It's okay for investing if you're looking to be buying solid projects that you believe in long term but that's not trading to me. You need to have an entry in a stop loss plan as well so getting into a trade is one thing was the entry point is where you enter the stop losses where you get at if if you think it's going against you. If the reason for entering the trade becomes invalidated that is where you'll stop plus should be so there two things. You must have four to be tried. The third thing as i say is a plan. Now you going to scale out. I take some profit on the way maybe minimize the risk or are you going to take a full profit. You're going to take the entire prophet as i. Two three two one four to one or do you feel as though might be a good time to let this bad boy run and just try on your stop-loss the highlights in an uptrend as they say and that way you can look to take advantage of potentially much much bigger moves. So that's really really important to understand what a trade actually constitutes for you and then you can go about how you're going to plan something else that you want to consider is what sort trade or you're trying to be a you. Are you trying to trade for dollars you trying to try to increase your bitcoin stack for example or you trying to trade so you try to increase your theory balanced now. These are the typical markets. You can try it against all you can try it against bitcoin. Obviously and you can try it against the theory. Him and there are some other platform tokens. You can try it against such as bonnet. it's that sort of thing. But more or less most of the volume occurs against the big dogs adult header. The theorem and bitcon. So if you're going to be trading theorem for example through twitter. A questions come in about building a theorem stack for long-term investments. If you're looking to build your theory stack. I think the training against trading trading against theorems a good option. The only issue you've got. He is on a theory. As you often have thin books which means you have thin volume which means you're susceptible to slippage okay so you might not get a fulfill or you might get filled at different price. This is more common notice calling you. Try against bitcoin. We try and against the dollar. We'll tell them because there's a lot more volume going on now if you do. You want to try to increase your theory stack. It doesn't really matter where the money comes from if you're trying to build your us delta. That will send that over and by therion if you'll try against bitcoin and you get a good prophet and you bank in. Bitcoin and bitcoin across will transfer that for a therion. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to try it against that one pay consistently you've just gotta work at what you do your profits and where you move them to. So that's another thing to consider what you're going to do. And what your trading for you trying to build a portfolio or. Are you trying to pay your bills applied now. Ideally if you're fulltime trader it's a nas position to being where you can actually pay your bills and you can keep money aside for investing and building that portfolio. This is something that needs to be considered second to that is what is the plan beyond. Okay are you going to reward yourself and you must do this. You've got to be rewarding yourself. If you don't plan everything i've got i've got to. I wouldn't call it a dream board such along those lines of knowing what i'm after this this trips that i want to do with my family. there's you know when i'm fifty years all have a yacht that i can travel around australia and see this wonderful country from the ocean side. There's a lot of different things different parts of my life now these goals are tied back to my day-to-day actions to keep me focused. So it's about keeping him on clear and the best way to clear. Obviously it's very retains about your exercise. Meditation fishing diving. Whatever it is that makes you and keeps you grounded. That's important when it comes to trading knowing what you're doing this fall helps ekaete sent in within that moment because remember the only time that you have is the now you've only got now. There is no other time that you have any control of other than now so focus on now. Having that clarity of your plan is going to help you and clarity. You make better decisions and better decisions. Generally quite a bit or outcomes so this have a fantastic day five now. This show is proudly sponsored by tried to call the dot com. I'm going to bring you testimony today. From course member from two thousand and nineteen hike. Congratulations and achieving. Your goal of also achieved mongolian. I basically use the method you taught at your workshop. But i found the wmo set up to be thirty at thirty two. Be

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