Biden to Meet With Putin on June 16 in Switzerland


Now. The russian leader vladimir putin and his us counterpart biden will meet in geneva on june the sixteenth off. The back of biden's european tour nuclear arms control be high on the agenda echoing meeting held in the city in one thousand nine hundred eighty five when ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev met talk about arms control and at which they developed a personal rapport. Joining me from burn is editorial director. Tyler relay and from our zero studio. Wanna call security correspondent. Ben is log Good morning to you. Tyler moore ingredient now. There are no huge expectations for the outcome of this meeting but the one country that comes out as a winner will be switzerland. Why is it important to geneva to host these tools jersey and this is a story which has been circulating for a while. it's no great secret of course Prog within in the running for the summit a couple of other cities along the way but it's been circulating in the swiss press geneva wanted us. They wanted it very badly into your question. Geneva has been slightly dented. The city sees that its reputation home of multi-lateralism somewhat scarred Because of course it doesn't really control the narrative from many of the organization. It hosts so if you look at of course the past year and a half an organization like the who for example which sits in geneva of course has been in the headlines almost daily. I'm often for for the right reasons so even like listening this morning to the mayor of geneva certainly other politicians from the city. They see this as a very important reset moment the city. How does the city reestablish itself as a home of multi-lateralism and of course getting to bed to go with

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