A highlight from EPISODE 114: The teams are set for the NBA play-in tournament


Thank you for joining us on this episode of new channels sports. Podcast coming up. We are going to discuss the play in tournament in the nba. A we're going to talk about the washington wizards going up against the boston. Celtics brosseau talk about the pacers going up against the charlotte hornets. We're gonna talk san antonio spurs and memphis grizzlies and lakers against the golden state warriors. Also what would happen if the los angeles lakers actually missed the playoffs. Lebron james said whoever had this idea should be fired right. That person's job with like right. Now it is it is because you think about it. The nba does not what the lakers are the playoffs as as it is that they had the matchup between steph curry and the broad as whoever brought this up if the lakers lose he's sweating bullets old staff now. I don't think the lakers are going to lose to have wins out of san antonio spurs and memphis grizzlies. But if it were to happen. I'm telling you this. Say for some weird reason. The lakers that guy's leg display. We're not gonna do that anymore. But but let's just say that steph and the bron- they played a game century in this place right. Whoever winds whatever happens had but both teams against the then eastern conference we just mentioned russell westbrook against the celtics. They played a game with a century as it just must see tv to do rains through the roof. Then trust me the play in the back for years and years to come into the new channels so

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