Former Hawks Coach, Lloyd Pierce, Speaks to Importance of Remembering George Floyd


Lloyd pierce a former hawks coach also member of the social justice coalition You know we we we. We get this all the time when it comes to whether it's sports talk radio whether it's just sports media and that is when we discuss these things it's how does that what does have to do with sports. What does it have to be part of sports. So if i asked you why is this. Why is remembering george floyd. Why is discussing the racial issues in this country equality and all those things. Why is this a sports story in your mind. Well it's it's about opportunity And it's about representation In the in the basket while. We're which i'm familiar and mostly you guys are is over. Seventy almost eighty percent of the players are african american. And you know. I think every player every sports every professional athlete will tell you you know if given the wind given the opportunity. It's an opportunity to change life to change the course of their family from a financial perspective. But really just fulfilling their their hopes and dreams This black man was killed and since he has been killed at the hands of law enforcement been two hundred and twenty five other people that have been killed in the past year. Since george floyd death and actually there's only six days in this country since march may twenty fifth. Last were person wasn't killed by law enforcement and so those opportunities were taken from people in our country and you know in our in our profession opportunity everything jay alluded to. I had an opportunity to be a head coach. it was everything for me

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