A highlight from Ep 422 | Should Christians Follow Old Testament Law? | Q&A


Guys welcome to relatable today. We've got another cue in a episode. We've got some fun questions today. That is excited to get through the first question that i was asked what. He's my must have as a mom. That's a really. That's a really good question. And there are a lot of things that i could say. All right i'll just pretend like i'm only talking to women. I know that there are some men who listen to it and watch the show. But i'm a woman most the vast majority of my audience woman. So i think that i can say these things and it'd be comfortable. So i think that the spectra pump is the best pump. That's out there like if you're looking for a pump before you before you give birth if you're a first time mom you need to know that your insurance is probably going to cover it. You've got to call your insurance. You've got to go through that whole process they'll cover or at least most of it. You order your pump and all that good stuff. I think you have to have like a note from your doctor. Your midwife or something like that but i think that you go for and it might be a little bit more money. The spectrum pomp like the adela. I think that the spectrum is the most powerful. It's the best however. It's kind of difficult if you're traveling. I've tried the willow before it just didn't really. It didn't work for me. I don't think it was worth all of the money that i spent on it. Sorry well. I'm sure you don't listen to my podcast but if you do i just had a hard time with it. So if you're wondering if you should get like the willow or the whatever it's called my personal experience wasn't great with those things but that doesn't mean that that's the experience of everyone. Spectra pump is the way to go if you are looking for pumps. one that i think is worth the splurge now it's not worth the splurge if you cannot swing it like if your budget is just not there or if you can't get it as a gift maybe you can get people to chip in for this if you can't. It's totally fine. There are other awesome products. Like this out there. But i really like up a baby stroller. Like i think that you get a lot of bang for your buck and it has all of just like the little tools that come with. It are so helpful especially if you get like the full vista you can get like the best that that comes with it. The car seat just automatically clicks into it. So that's really easy if you're just transfer transferring in and out of your car. The car see also that comes with this. Whole package is Extremely it's extremely safe. It's good it's comfortable like we really liked the the car seat and then it also comes with like the toddler i think it's called like the rumble seat or something that it just kind of sit straight up. I think in in can also sit in it too. If you get one of those pillars that you put behind their head but it just comes with all these things and then if you have another child you can actually just get like these adapters that allow you to put two kinds of seats in it. So you could put your toddler at front end the little just regular toddler seat. You could put your baby either in the bassinet or in the car seat up on top and it just has everything that you could possibly need and the basket underneath. The vista is super super super helpful. When we've been traveling and we've had to take the stroller with us having that huge basket underneath to put suitcases and put bags in has been really really helpful and it's really easy to tear down or to not not tear down but to take down and then to put backup and so if you're traveling or if you needed to put it in the back of your car it's really easy to put together.

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