Data of 100+ Million Android Users Exposed


Millions of android users data exposed due to cloud authentication failures report issued by researchers at checkpoint reveals serious cloud miss configurations which have potentially exposed data belonging to over one hundred million android app users. The report indicates that twenty-three popular android apps examined including a taxi app logo maker screen recorder facts service in astrology software leak data including email records chat messages. Location information user. Id's passwords and images in thirteen instances sensitive data was publicly available in unsecured cloud configurations accounting for between ten thousand and ten million downloads. Each the report indicates that security failures result of developers failing to follow quote best practices when configuring an integrating third party cloud services into their applications. End quote you. K regulator finds amex for spamming violations. American express has been fined ninety thousand pounds by. Britain's information commissioner's office or ico for spamming customers with fifty million unwanted e-mails after they'd opted out of its email marketing program in an attempt to justify its actions. Mx claimed the spam was internally classified as service messages instead of marketing ico head of investigations. Andy curry stated quote. This is a clear example of a company getting it wrong and now facing the reputational consequences of that error and quote russian hacker sentenced to five years for one point five million dollar tax fraud. The doj reported that russian national anton bogdonoff was sentenced to five years in prison for attempting to steal one point. Five million dollars by hacking into tax preparation firms. The thirty five year old russian known online as kusak participated in a scheme between june twenty fourteen in november two thousand sixteen that included stealing personal information to alter tax returns

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