A highlight from Simon Turney discusses his new book, 'Sons of Rome'


Seventy assignment you doing today on could thank you yourself doing great. So can you tell me about what you right While the one that's out at the moment is sons of rome. Which is the first book in the rise of empress series. Which is a a trilogy. Set around the end of the early fourth century. Own on the rise of the great saints. Constantine and his opponent is a political opponent. Dan pro max india's so it's all about they arise from that childhood Struggles to maintain imperium in a will nause falling apart and The the strains that the whole political military situation puts on their friendship gradually pulling them apart until land up essentially a wall leading to well essentially a complete change in the roman empire. So yes it's it's it's a fun time droid bill. It is a fun book. Read about as well So you've coach this book gordon who i interviewed on an earlier episode. How did you decide to work together. gordon and i have known each other for a lot of years before this whole The whole digital publishing world came about There was a there was there. Were a series of superior review websites on on the net and goldeneye both sort of budding young writers yamaha We both belong to one of these peer review websites. So we were reading and commenting on each other's work long before we were both published so we knew each other from square wong then we actually went to a A historic event where there were re-enactors and gladiators fighting and all sorts of things except one that year because he got rained off ended up in the pup sitting jen gently getting sauce old. And coming up with grand ideas and what we could do together and it was born from that really. It was a is a a rainy day. Thought that exploded into something much bigger. That is amazing. So how'd you decide on writing about role men this time period That that's an easy one really My focus has always been on row on imperial and republican rome. My i've written about. Julius caesar and onwards up through the age of augustus song up to the time when things start to fall apart a little bit to emperors and to The truce of corrupt error room Golden on the other hand has always been a student of by centime of the eastern roman empire after constantine writing in the age of the christian emperors and the and after the collapse of the west and realistically this is when we looked at what we could write this just fell perfectly in the middle so that it was it was familiar enough to golden With his late. Roman familiar enough to me with by imperial room that we both felt comfortable with it and much of a shift so it's the perfect middle ground for stove cool so the characters are divided us that we you wanna be right half story. How'd you go about creating the character that you had on your end. I'm going to see the golden gate. You a full. Load alamo heated. We constantly just train and Obviously we choose which characters of of the two that were clearly only going to be these two carriers we could raise gay rights Gordon was quite happy with concentration because he was already writing about christian emperors and cousins dissolve. Naturally tim he's very good at writing battle scenes and marshall's stuff so it's perfect for him Which left me with my accent. Which i'm quite happy because my my other focus in a lot of writing is the rehabilitation of the emperor's that seen as sort of damned and doomed embers people like khalilur nero on your commodore. Only empress who end up essentially going mad and causing chaos Maxine tius fits in with those characters his and emperor who was dammed after his death He's considered to be an enemy of the catholic church Courtesy of saint calls done He's an underdog he's he's a proper downed ruined the dog and i love writing those characters. I love a carthy getting ahead of think. Well why is he in undone. Was he really an underdog in maxine tius case particularly. There's an awful lot written about constantine. He's he's historically a well-documented figure. Maxine ta only appears here and there in constantine's various biographies as the opposition so mostly he is presented as an enemy an enemy of the church and any constantine enemy of rome but realistically was he He had as much right to rule as constantine at least an equivalent to rain an equivalent to terrain to rule over in a bigger army. Yet the support of the senate. And the pretoria gobs realistically up from my point of view maxine diaz was a lot. More ruben constantine Certainly had as much right to rule. But it's a matter of piecing together what you will you don't know from the blanks histories left us and uh one thing that particularly is maxine. Tius is He is left an architectural legacy in rome. The matches some of the greatest emperors

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