The Burden of 'Stuff' and The Benefits of Letting Things Go

On The Verge


I wanna tell you a story that happened to me when we first moved from house to apartment and this was a brand new apartment building it was spanking new. It was really really nice and we took a lot of care in in how we pleased things and got some new furniture so it was just a really light grey tone Apartment and it was a sunday afternoon. And brian was out so i had the place to myself and i wasn't teaching. I wasn't working. I was deliberately. Because i can work all day long and i was sitting on my couch looking at a book and i had this sense. Come over me this feeling. This visceral feeling of ease of peace. I couldn't put my finger on it. What is this. I mean yeah. I feel relaxed and rested sunday. I have nothing really to do on. I don't want to just work. I don't want to do anything. And i realized in that moment that i didn't have any house chores. I didn't have the burden of stuff over my head or on my shoulders. I didn't have a garage to clean. I didn't have a closet to clean out. I didn't have you know something to fix in the house. And you know if you're a homeowner you know there's always something you could be doing any of that. It was the most bizarre feeling almost felt. Like i was a kid. You know kids that are unburdened. It's like oh. I just get to go out and play now. I can't say that. I live in that all the time but i remember that vividly because it made me realize how much weight i feel or more way. Did i feel when burdened with stuff. So i'm encouraging you just to explore your own relationship to stuff to what are you holding onto. What are you holding onto. And why

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