The Challenges of Protecting an Endemic Mint


All right. Hi sarah johnson. Hello thanks for having me. Yeah we're going to do this a more casual way just because the audience should be pretty familiar with you at this point but for those that aren't or haven't listened to save some of our bonus episodes over patron. How about we start off by telling everyone a little bit about who you are and what it is you do sure. My name is sarah. Johnson and i am currently a recent at master nunca defender and i am a graduate student of rare plant conservation at the university of illinois. Finish campaign pain specifically working through the illinois natural history survey and i studied a rare mint in the panhandle of florida and also do many miscellaneous other cool projects through our natural history survey. I love everything you have going on. It's really interesting work. But what made you want to jump into plants because originally when we first met you a bernard to put it scientifically. Yeah i i always liked a lot of different things. I've gone through many different avenues. In my you know navigations you finding a career. Which i think actually is a good thing to talk about because a lot of people think think there's one way to get to your career or say how did you figure it out. How did you identify what you wanted to do. And honestly the only answer i have. Greed is trying a lot of different things and you know succeeding or failing at a lot of different things When i started undergrad. I had thought that in order to do science i had to do something related to humans being raised in buffalo new york. You know we have five cancer research. Many hospitals in it seemed kind of the natural things do so. I went to school for pre med. I loved my classes especially my anatomy and genetics courses but Took a field course my junior year which took us to the rocky mountains to alpine

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