President Biden Awards Medal of Honor to Korean War Hero


Is awarding his first medal of honor to a 94 year old retired Army colonel for bravery more than a half century ago in the Korean War. In remarks during a Medal of honor ceremony at the White House, president Biden said Colonel Ralph Puckett continues downplaying his bravery. Your first response to us hosting this event was You ask why all the fuss while the fuss? Can't they just mail it to me? I was gonna make a joke about the post office. But it started not to do that. Colonel Puckett. After 70 years rather than military. I would've walked into you over two days in November. 1950 Puckett is first lieutenant help the eighth U. S Army Ranger company to secure a strategically important hill. Market sprinted across the open area to draw fire so that Rangers could find and destroy enemy positions. Biden called him a true American hero. On Wall

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