Validating Your Negative Feelings and Adjusting to Life's Trajectory

Lesley's Lessons


The time out to tell the person who feels like they're on the verge of giving up things. Don't look good. Things are actually looking horrible. The thoughts that you're having you're almost embarrassed or ashamed to admit it in. I just wanna tell you. There should be no shame. There should be no embarrassment. You are a human being you have a heart that beats you beat you bleed the same blood like the rest of us therefore it is your human rights to feel what you feel to hurt how you hurt without feeling like you have to think of others before yourselves before your pain and i just wanna let you know that this is normal. What is happening in the world is not how you feel is valid and i just want to encourage you that wherever you are not to stay there. Don't try to deny it. don't try to cover it up. You know put a lid on it so to speak because what happens when you do it comes out in different ways. Scary ways In ways that could affect your health in ways that could have long-term effects. So i just wanna encourage you whether you want wanna journal whether you wanna talk to a friend without giving so much details just like. I'm glad you're hanging out with me today because today is not a good one. Today is not a good one I wish i could say it was just today but it's just not a good one. I'm grateful that you're here.

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