A highlight from Episode 63 Rampage


Known yes some moments coast throughout the galaxy sixty-six. The this is the journey of an unlikely few. Meet the bad batch ready for this. The leader in and out quickly and quietly brecca the broiler on this and all the acts tycoon the specialist. Mrs knows a standard military operation. Echo the hacker. This great plan of yours looking really lousy about cross half the marksman away halted by genetic mutations a rag tag band of close struggles facilities and choices will determine the fate in dangerous new galaxy. Welcome to episode sixty three of radio free endo and the back battery pull where we catch hope week by week with clone force ninety nine in their escape from the newly formed galactic empire. I'm jamie your host with me as always is my son chris. How're you doing chris. I'm doing really well ben. Nice weather is our spit bit. Open up it is very nice. I've been out today and managed to put the hot so boop and filled it so it's time since we're finished recording. That's for sure very nice. Now we've an episode out quite quickly last week. So we're gonna go quickly straight into an episode with this one and then we've straightaway going to be recording another episode for the latest episode of the batch which you began a couple of days later. So chris should we head into the batch report. Of course let's go have season one episode five rampage hoping to discover who hired sean to retrieve amiga. The bad batch go to ought mantell where echo knows of djeddai informant named sid. She offered to find out about shand in exchange for the help slaves of kidnapped. A child named mucci and sit will receive a reward from japan. Holt if the bad batch helper rescued the child that is clone falls nightline find off the slavers rescue mucci. Who is a young rankle. Take connecticut said mucci is then given to jeopardize right-hand man bay fortuna in exchange for the reward. Said give some of the rewards hunter. But he's able to learn who hired shunned she office to give the back batch more mercenary work in the future. Well chris what did you think of this episode. Now those other was a it was an okay sired It had its ups and downs. It had is serious things. I'm very much not serious things slavery but for children at one of these. Note these people with deal it in in these slate. The flavors were they in the clone wars. The actual claymores themselves Yeah they It was an all The why i believe it was the twice tax got captured next. It was Canoga dino could put himself into slavery for that. yeah Boy no because the same Rice species as a asuka. Yeah i i can't remember her species of my head tweet lick. She's a tonight. is you know. She's not twice back and she is something house. She is a tiger tiger tiger. All right okay. Well how species of tagro tuck routes Basically got captured and sold into slavery and a so called of consi- woke up on everyone. Kanobi go to the planet Obi wan goes into the slavery on a anikin goes in with a so cost trying to sow soka to the queen. Obviously the queen doesn't wanna so 'cause she wants on akhund be a slave on this whole story about slavering. You know how. I dislike slavery but it seems that On this planet slavery still thing was ivory is always a thing in the in the in the republic. Slavery was like this thing that the separatists do any speed destroyed. The empire came round celebrities coup. Because don't forget the empire those slavery. Oh yes that's very true now now. This playmates old man. Tell that's been in the star wars universe. A couple of times now played the. Let me think what will they could. The old pc games Cuffing auto copy. I'm thinking i order djeddai. Kademi is it. I can't remember but said it has a couple of times it was mentioned in the empire strikes back. That's it the bouncy onto the run into business decided to stay robot. Even we ran into leonard. Mandel me need you show that bit story so or it could be made into a story. But sam. this planet seems to be A bounces treasure trove of of places to go to get bounties. Could say yeah. Scott said that sits nari straight. Let's say that she's very desi. I'm pretty sure it definitely is a criminal planet for show. Probably black sun otc. It tastes the that's right. Christie is now down to the it is the home of the black sun. Isn't it all month out say locations. Maybe maybe it's one of the occasions of black sons opening maintains a base on ornament or mental. That's all they say. Yeah it's bright jewel system of the galaxy's mid rim and was the home. Well of the mantell ian sav rip species during the expansion of the galactic republic. Old mental was colonized around twelve thousand. B b. y. By the carolians settlers where it became oh or ordinance region depot outposts on the winding days of the republic own mental city. How's the based operations for the black sun. Crime syndicate in late came under control of the galactic empire becoming home to the imperial dry dock. There we go. Yeah what a place. And it's i think the city looks fantastic and they have proper if you if you go onto What am i on wikipedia. They've got like a sketchy and have to say the but bat ships. I'd actually looks just like that really does look fantastic as a place. I all know when the guys running to sit right when they found said right. Do you think that amiga sensor so using like a jedi ability because on a rewatch. Because that's what i thought but only we raj actually saw looking at a computer and then she then she pointed to said i I think honestly. I think that has

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