A highlight from Hour 2: Rodgers doesn't report Brady does

Get Up!


Time to get up with the first day of the rest of your life in green bay. The work is mandatory. The quarterback is incoming what happens now. He's got the answers thin to tampa live. Where tom brady begins yet. Another quest for unprecedented glory. We'll live with tom. Brady on the field. And the monday night. Massacre should reduce give the ground to k. d. and company right now all that and more as we can't up with you starting right now with mandatory minicamps beginning today including the world champions. The buccaneers on the practice field looking to become the ninth. The repeat chance in nfl. History the last team to do it with quarterback by tom brady and the early two thousand. The giants are at practice. Today opened the window. Four year playoff drought with daniel jones. Under center they signed kenny. Golladay saquon barkley back from injury as well also returning to full strength. Are they cowboys that prescott back with a new four year. One hundred sixty million dollar extension after suffering a compound fracture in his ankle last october. And then of course. The packers. The center of all of the drama. They expect to be without aaron rodgers. Are adam schefter reporting. The green bay does not expect rogers who attend their three day. Mini camp would start today. Rogers defined upwards of ninety thousand dollars for that absence

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