A highlight from 484 - George Pullman Part 2 - The Strike


I david anthony read a story from american history to my friend lover of beaches man with pockets. Doctor of science gareth reynolds. Who has no idea what the topic is going to be about though. Do you think stealing someone's craft healing. Stealing is stealing my craft. You're stealing my essence sir. I'm merely a my essence have had had an for how to spice up my side of the intro. I'm not sure where this is coming from. This relationship is hostile it's not hostile. You use you say things like that often and it's certainly not fair or accurate last episode about six weeks ago. I mentioned how that injury that intro is a crime mental health crisis. If you will and your response this week is too. You're not you're just. It doesn't even make sense what you're saying. Do you know what i'm saying like it's just sort of like it's not even tethered to reality. So it's like how much should have shame. Listen to work in the mental health field. Because this is not you. Should you know you're acting like you know what you're doing. You shouldn't act like a professional when you have no idea what you're talking about. I know that about the mental health field. Don't tell me how to do something you don't know how to do yourself. I'm a doctor. No you're an american and you think your doctor that's all of us. All americans are doctors. We have to be sure for all. I've got to tell you this very quickly. i i'm going to do. Stand up about it at some point. But i just have so much good material. I can't figure but my cousin. When i was in england was telling me the story that i remember. I just don't remember this part of it. So she lives in england and she'd come to la. And i was showing her around. And i had a gig at like some raffle thing or whatever so i was hosting some raffle. Things were good career wise too. So i'm hosting this raffle and she enters or i with one of my free raffle tickets entering when this enormous bottle of tequila like enormous bottle of cassowaries to kill. And so we're going around just to a couple of parties and we were drinking it anyway. That night she staying at my apartment with me one bedroom. So i'm like you can go sleep in my bed and i'll just sleep on my floor in my teenage mutant ninja turtles sleeping bag which i did in the middle of the night after much categories i had to take a piss i go i take a piss. I'm coming out of the bathroom. And i just walk into my wall because i'm like disoriented as far as where i'm sleeping and just and there's a lot of categories going through me and so i lay down and i feel my face and i just feel that it's covered in blood. Sound like oh shit. So i have to wake her up covered in blood so i'm like morning. Hey i need to go somewhere to get stitches. And so i figure i am not too far away from where i'm going. I'm living in korea town. At the time i go to this twenty four hour rapid care and when i'm in there because of i had no insurance and because of price i was negotiating the doctor down from seven stitches to five for christ and was like what is happening right now and i'm just going. Can you get away with five. He's like maybe five and i was like. Yeah i remember all that and even that part of it. But i remember it not being strange to me. It was just so beautiful. I was doing was i was just the self doubt the medical care that was necessary in order to be able to afford food and she was like this country is not great town called. The joke is jam. Patch the fucking about guy. Dave okay five and this is not gonna come like five part now. Hit him with the puppy sip. Arguments

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