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Dornbush and this podcast beyond aegean's weekly playstation show where we cover all the latest and greatest in the world the playstation even if they're not any three luckily we have a major playstation released to talk about this week ratchet and clank ripped apart. This whole episode is going to be a spoiler free thought breakdown review impressions of ratchet clank all four of us. Get to my panel in just a second have gotten to play it but obviously we know. It's a few days away from release as a recording. This and as you're listening so don't worry we're not gonna spoil the ended the game. We're not gonna talk about the master chief cameo. We're not gonna talk about any of the big stuff we want to save for you in the full game. Of course she store no you just. It's the best part of the game. Obviously not to talk about all ripped apart except for the stuff or not allowed to talk about this week. I'm joined by simon cardi. How lo- i am here and still haven't had a haircut for seventeen wants now. It's getting too much. It's too warm sweaty hair. It's not good. It's not great but as one of the two chaos boys. It's great to have you here. Of course this week. By steve sailors. Thank you so much steve for joining us this week. Hey thanks for having me on. This is exciting to talk about this finally. Yes yeah happy to have you back on the show and we're also joined this week by one. Member of the carpool crew. Unfortunately the whole gang isn't here but work medina. Thank you so much for joining us. It's true i am here. Mitchell did tweet that he's very excited. reveal his review of i think it was tolls of destruction on twitter because he hasn't played ripped apart yet so look forward to that on on mitchell's twitter also simon. I love your hair. Don't let anyone tell you any different. I'm sure they know. I mean i tell myself every day could the door that leads outside. Not today you're smart enough and gosh darn it people like you but you just can't having my mom on the poco go the opposite anyway. Don't get enough water hydrating hydrate everybody. I have plenty. And i'm sure it'll be gone within two minutes because of all the shenanigans. We're just gonna talk about hair for the next fifty minutes. Actually what we're talk about both hours and the for many aliens you mean ration griffin and that's my segue a click meet exactly. That's how we do it around these parts avenue. Of course we're all going to be playing a we're going to be talking about rationing clank. Which we've all played we all as far as i'm aware have rolled credits on it and we'll be diving into the game. Play the story The visuals the audio the accessibility. All of what. We've gotten to play of course while keeping spoiler free for the later bits of the game so you can all injury at don't want hear anything. Turn this off and listen after you've played but we hope you'll stick around and listen. I did of course to start off by mentioning. I reviewed rushing friday and you can check out my full review on idea in written form as well as video on there and youtube which was edited by mark medina. Who's right here with us. Go check out that video. It is a phenomenally edited edited video review marketed. An awesome job. So thank you for putting together but yeah definitely recommend you check that out but just to give a quick overview in case wondering i ended up giving it a nine. I really loved it. I've been a fan of russian clank since the original games. Play the original trilogy back on. Ps tune of kind of been with it. Since then i thought this one is probably the best playing of the whole franchise. I think it's one of the best playing sorta action platformer that played in some time. I think the the arsenal of weapons is a really really great. Load out for the series. There's definitely some of my favorites. That aren't there but there's a lot of like new favorites for me as well but i think the big things as aps five dedicated five exclusive. It is ridiculously pretty game. Like this is definitely the prettiest. Ps five game. Probably one of the prettiest games. I've ever played in general and the but it's backed by a pretty meaningful story. I think the game does a really great job of getting to some surprisingly emotional places. It's still really really funny. Like if you're someone who loves the humor ratchet and clank. I think it's still there. And i think it's still very funny. Approachable for all ages. Funny but i think the the story that they set up especially with ratchet and clank sort of throw line from from where this picks up after into the nexus. But even if you don't know about that. I think it's still introduces everything. Really well and the introduction of rivet and some other characters i think is just so all done i think jennifer hale as rivet is phenomenal. And i can't imagine this franchise without her like. I think it would be very strange to start adding too many names to these. Titles and calling it ratchet and clank in written three other people's names but like to me rivet as is as integral now to this franchise has ratchet and clank. And i hope she's around for some time because i really really enjoyed the character. Work there but Yeah that's sort of a brief ish. Ub check out my full review on jan. but i want to hear from all of you Especially because i wrote thousands of words about it so that people can read all that. I want to hear from all of you about sort of the game in general your brief thoughts and so before we get into specifics of things simonov. I'll start with you. What sort of your general thoughts on ripped apart. I would have given a three. Yeah no it's it's very

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