A highlight from Trading Prisons for Hospitals, Etc. | 6/8/21


Three ninety also at pat unleashed on twitter emptied. Jesse join us this week from chewing the fat. Got a tweet from keith. Yesterday you know where he is. I don't care. He's he's on. The mean streets of helena montana. That's why through that. Yeah yeah buddy by it he's bought the t shirts he's taking pictures at the capitol building the whole of the park. The city very very eye opening traveling gets out alive. I too because i was a little dangerous. Continually flying continually they for him to be out there promoting. He's out on the take. A picture of the whole family had flak jackets on. Okay all right. I was hardened by so they're trying to be safe. But there's no way to be completely elena. It's just not possible. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three ninety-three three at pat unleashed twitter. Something we didn't get to yesterday. That i really wanted to was what bill maher was saying on his show over the weekend about free college. This guy is hard to figure out. He's serious because he's conservative on many issues and then ridiculously communist on others just what he started. Reeling you in Do you think yes. Yeah then he jams a shift in your in your eye looking now stab But he was making a lot of sense on the college situation. Here's what he had to say about. It liberals seem more school the way. Republicans see tax cuts as the answer to everything we imagine going to college is the way to fight income inequality but actually it does the reverse. If you have a bachelor's degree you make about sixty five percent more than someone who doesn't and with a master's degree it smelled like one hundred percent more and the unemployment rate of college grads is about half what it is for high school grads. I know free. College is a left wing thing but is it really liberal for someone who doesn't go to college and makes less money to pay for people who do go and make more no no

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