A highlight from Part 2: Jon Taffer, plus The News (ACS June 8)


Show could be seeing my friend. I'm bummed at him. When i met henry winker. I got a one handed inch single hand. I feel completely slighted at this moment. Yeah the to hand the best handshake winkler hands out. Hey Bar rescue by the way new episodes sunday ten pm eastern seven pacific on paramount network We'll talk about the two hundred episode coming up. I guess we kinda tease. The vegas official reopening. What does that mean well. We're we're back memorial day weekend was sold out including a room in vegas while when i drive down the strip. The streets are fo- again. The restaurants packed. There's no mass restrictions here anymore. So there's no distancing restrictions you walk through the casino. It's busy everybody is unmasked and it's pretty darn exciting. I went to the golden knights playoff hockey game last night here in vegas. Eighteen thousand people filled to capacity no masks no spacing everything was open even a mascot took his mask off to me symbolize. The ended his dance mask right in the name. Yeah i was. It was so funny there should be. I don't know how they can work this out. But i'm watching the play offs. I'm watching the vegas golden knights Sorry they featured wayne newton in the clip. I was looking at. But i missed you but it was packed to capacity right and we. They're covering the nhl playoffs well. The next series. They go to montreal a different montreal's playing one hundred percent empty arena. It's one hundred percent empty and canada. And i i don't know if there's a third series going on but i got the band's i was like i need some half capacity arena to get me from what was going on in vegas which is full capacity bedlam to montreal. I think it was montreal canadian's and completely empty but then i thought to myself. What the fuck is that pussy. Trudeau doing like watch. This does he wonder like are all these people in vegas gonna die like what happens when nothing happens. How long do we keep the one in by the way as a as a fan of sports in general watching guys play playoff hockey with all the stands. Just sort of cordoned off. Then i'm in corn crop they they they have banners and and plastic pulled over on this coverings. It kind of looks like walking into the hotel at the the movie the shining. it's sort of like they're slip covers over everything. There's it's like it's like when you see the old haunted house and have the sheet table like it doesn't feel like playoffs are going on. It's gotta suck for the guys playing. Been the sounds of the audience. Oh which makes it even stranger so the room is empty but they pump in the sounds of the audience they play music in the arena as if the audiences still they are really strange when you hear it but you don't see it and then you got here. We had the clippers playing the mavericks. So you'd go to texas and it was full and then you come to the clippers game and they have cardboard cutouts of cartoon characters all courtside. Is there something going on. Is there a different strain in texas or different strain of coverted nevada. That doesn't exist in canada or california. Are we just fucking colossal pussies like what is going on. When can we read the fuck open. A different strain of politician maybe different strain of the virus. You're exactly right adam. What is the difference between a hockey arena in texas. Where basketball and one in la. It's really. We've learned the lesson that i've learned during this thing as pay much more attention to local politics when you vote local politicians that caused all of these shutdowns and all of these business crises. The federal government really didn't have the authority to do that. Well that's why you see such a huge difference in california than you do. Other states as far as the detrimental impact upon business. I like i said when they show those highlights and they're just two minute role in segments. You go from from vegas to canada. Just looks like they're playing in an arena that's under renovation or something it's it seems kind of looks like what it looks like when they have those like club games celebrity whatever fundraising games the offseason. Or something up in montreal and las vegas have almost the same exact Vaccination rate so. There's almost no difference. They're both amid forty. Well i guess we'll see no reason for montreal. There's no major difference or we need to shut down vegas either way so you rolled the dice. You stared death in the eye and you went out to the local hockey arena How how this impacted. And i wanna get into that. But i i'm looking down. And i forgot about some your highlights like working as a bartender for barney's beanery in west hollywood and nineteen seventy-three jim morrison had died by then but there must have been a cavalcade of celebrities hanging out in that place back when the work copley used to be there. All the time supertramp used car all the time stallone. We'd come in sometimes. A we had quite a crowd back in those days. Barneys was very cool. Back in the seventies and years that i was there now. It's kind of friday. Yeah now it's a little friday and opened up other locations it's been. It was a really very famous most british musicians. When it got off the plane came straight to barney's newsday's and your suitcases would sit in front. That's how that's how hot we were. That there are some great stories. No janice joplin died in barney's what and in the bathroom and barney's and they dragged her body to what was then tropicana hotel which was owned by sandy colfax down on santa monica boulevard. She was cited dead in that hotel room. It actually She she almost died in barney's dragged into. Oh my gosh were sections. Ever has a helluva drinking mixed her. So is that really true. So barney's is on or off of santa. Monica like holloway street. Right off of santa ryan and sandy colfax sandy koufax owned the hotel. None under there was a hotel. It's since gone and this goes back. Today's iran the troubadour to which was right down the street. There was a hotel. There in out outside corridor hotel called the tropicana and it was just a little holiday in niche type hotel and sandy koufax was the investor who owned that hotel at that time and even when i ran a troubadour All sorts of musicians would hang out in the in the tropicana hotel. At that time. I remember a stevie nicks. Was there for a little while. I remember bunch of others who were there. So you chucky weiss lived there for a while at a bunch of others and then you went kind of up the hill. A little to the troubadour right. I did and what's santa monica. It's down the street. I was going up something on sunset strip. Yeah you went down past dan. Tana's my wife to marry me and dan fucking dan. Tana's is awesome old school bartenders school waiters. And yeah phil spector. Loves that place also. What kind of bands were going through. I mean i'm looking at nineteen seventy-eight troubadours seventy eight nine. So when i was writing troubadour fear black flag out of the punk bands. That whole punk thing going on at the same time. The neck bands rubber city rebels. And all that stuff was going on. So when i took over the troubadour. Adam do with three inches of water on a

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