Is Fear Controlling Your Career?


Cat. How are you today. It is still good to see you too about the work you do. You've been you've been doing a lot of you've been doing not only doing livestreams and things like this but you've been consulting people for years on how to find their best selves when it comes to work in the work life balance sort of area. How did you get started in all of that. Did you fall into it. I fell into it. Backwards with my eyes clubs. I've got a bachelors degree in sociology. Because i wanted to change the world and i was fascinated with people and then i realized i had to go back to school if i wanted to be. A professor and side cited not to do that. Around the world. Chased jobs and paychecks. A bartender in alaska camp counselor in california now attendant. I was trying to see the world. I was a flight attendant. Kurt enroll. I wasn't seeing the world. I was flying around the mid west of america. And i couldn't afford to pay my college loans so my dad was getting worried and i decided to start doing temp work on my days. Off and my very first temp job was at a global. It consulting firm I was a secretary actually sprint desk receptionist for one week okay. I had no idea what was happening by friday. I had a job offer to become a recruiter and that started.

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