A highlight from #390: Gil Carvalho MD, PhD Dairy, Olive Oil & Diet Debates: Understanding Evidence


This is your first episode listening in on today's episode going to be talking with dr gill carvalho who is a qualified physician a research scientist and is also a science communicator. Where he tries to disseminate that information. More broadly so dr carlo trained originally as a medical doctor at the university of lisbon in his native portugal later obtaining a phd in biology from and he has published peer reviewed papers in various fields from genetics to molecular biology to nutrition to aging and neuroscience and over time he is really dive deeply into looking at nutritional science and the goal of trying to understand not only. Why is it so confusing to many. But how do we start to make that less confusing. How can we think through these ideas better. And obviously that's a theme. That is central to this podcast. So it's gonna be great to be able to ask him about some of the more confusing or conflicting ideas that happened around the internet in relation. Nutrition if you want to get the show notes this episode they are over at sigma nutrition dot com slash episode three nine zero and on the website. You'll be able to find show notes to all our podcast episodes. You'll be able to find transcripts to our episodes and whilst her over on the website also check out some of our written content including our sigma statements where we go in depth on topics that are often quite confusing or sometimes have a lot of gray area and try and give a picture of where the evidence sits at least from our perspective so check out our sigma statements. That are there and if you're not already subscribed to the sigma synopsis email. That's an email. That i sent out once a week in kind of a bullet point format giving you the kind of best evidence based content of the week to keep up to date with so all of that is over at sigma nutrition dot com. So please go check that out. And so without further ado. Let's dive into this conversation with

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