Where Did the Sex Go?


Tell me what's going on thanks. I'm a huge fan of so happy. So i i'm a therapist always thinking always in my head but it can't figure this out. Okay i think of it. As like my my is spilling into my. I am in a healthy relationship with a man like seven months in and suddenly my fantasies of being with a girl sexually being with a woman is like suddenly moving into my daily life. And i go by the timing on. Turf big communicator. I've talked about it with him. I mean he. He's not like irritated by a bike. Is definitely not okay with me pursuing that. And i understand right but i just can't get my finger on why this suddenly like not just a fantasy it used to just the have dreams or that'd be the corn of choice by and suddenly it's like no. I want to do this in my waking life. And i can't get to the bottom of it. Have you met anybody. That's picture interest. I have not okay. How's your sex life with your partner. Our sex life is great That hesitation you hear. My voice is like i am struggling a little bit with the x factor like the while chemistry but everything is so great in a relationship and the actual sex is great as well in the communication until it's not something i'm concerned about but be x. Factors just the little though so for me. Okay how the x factor meaning dislike unspeakable chemical. I gotta have you right here right now type of connection that i didn't look my most toxic relationships honestly like thick the more toxic Stronger that was which is terrible and now in thirty and making smart choices. How long have you guys been together. Seven months seven months okay. So it's still do. How was in the beginning. Did you have that attraction. At the beginning we did. I don't know what we're off. i think. I don't know if is spending more time together than i usually spend with my significant other to be honest But it's died down a little bit and it's only seven months in. Yeah i mean. That's what happens in relationships. The honeymoon period is anywhere from six months to two years and then during the pandemic. Maybe you're spending more time together and that kind of squashes out the the the arousal and the attraction process because when we're on top of each other we're seeing to their more while we feel more intimate and more connection and more love with our partner it's sort of. Can douse the flames of desire. Because we no longer have that separation

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