President Biden, NATO And Putin discussed on Radiosurgery New York


Covid 19 bailouts and they should repurpose those funds. Whoever start your projects. President Biden says NATO allies support is upcoming summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin At the conclusion of the NATO summit, the president said that world leaders thanked me for meeting With Putin. Now, he said he's not looking for conflict with Putin are areas where we can cooperate if he chooses. But he also said the U. S will respond if Russia continues its harmful activities. Greg Clugston Washington Tree of House Republicans on Monday introduced a resolution to censor and condemn Democrats. Representative Ellen Omar, Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez Rashid to leave. And Ayanna Pressley. The resolution introduced by Republicans Michael Waltz, Jim Banks, and Claudia Tenney, excited a number of incidents involving the four lawmakers sometimes referred to as the squad, including the most recent controversies, writing Omar and her comments equating war crimes committed by the US and Israel to those by the Taliban and Hamas terrorist groups. Walt said in a press release. We cannot turn a blind eye to members of Congress openly defending terrorist attacks by Hamas against our close ally, Israel banks out of the similar notes, saying in a release

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