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We are back and we're jam packed. Get up on. Espn live as always above the heineken. river decade peers. Seventeen let's not waste any time and get right to it. Nba action last night thriller of the night was a good one out west in salt lake. Donovan mitchell and the jazz taken on the clippers game one donna vigil was dominant fourth. Quarter jazz up five and here. He comes defend one. Two three. can't stop jessica seven point lead mitchell. Wjr four forty five under a minute to play. Clippers are down by six looking for room. Can't find that's luke. That's an awkward. Look falls going to tiptoe to paul george. He had a bad night. Four of seventeen but that one goes into three point game ensuing possession. Twenty three seconds left donovan. Mitchell looking for a little space can't get it to go and so here we go fifteen seconds left clippers. Will they call time timeout. No they won't down by three. Where are gonna go a bucket. Look at the defense smothering. They're all over the place. Why he can't get it up in the corner to marcus. Morris here comes rudy gobert. That's why he was defensive player of the year go. There were huge block. And that's all she wrote mitchell's forty five or enough. Go bear with the big play at the finnish jazz hoban. They win game one one. Twelve one zero nine. That's how that one begins. Meanwhile the performance of the night belonged to joel and be he was spectacular in game one against atlanta and here he comes gain to last night sixers look at a slowdown. Trae young early. They were all over him early in the first talks down by six. That's no good now. We'll go in the way tobias harris throwing it down for the sixers fans love a fast start. They're up sixteen points in the first. And they got more seth curry. Give it up ben simmons. Throw it down hawks. Down by sixers would hold trae young at twenty one in the game and then be going in the second quarter because lions come just a two point game but look at embiid working on quit cappella showing you the strength sixers four under four minutes to go in the hand sixers up six and be little fall away. He had eleven points in the second quarter. Two point lead at the break. The third sixers. Four time expiring. How good was shake noting last night court. Fourteen points in fourteen minutes. There were three of them right. They're beating the buzzer. They go to the fourth with a seven point. Lead and joel embiid would take care of the rest Sixers up seventeen. He's that one down. Forty points to go with thirteen rebounds for joel embiid and the sixers win game two one. They desperately needed one. Eighteen to one two a game that felt closer than the final score with that series. Now one the sixers minus two forty favorites to advance to the conference. Finals gordon to caesar's william hill our analytics. Meanwhile the basketball power index give philly an eighty three percent chance to win the series meanwhile to

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