A highlight from 712: Ted Lasso S1E4 Rewatch: 'For the Children'



Is episode. Four of football is life. The ted laso podcast from the incomparable and It's a series featuring rotating hosts. And this week i've rotated in. I'm your host. David j lawyer and with me are three new teammates I would like to introduce heather brett. Welcome to the incomparable inc. You so excited to be here. And also welcoming cure hanson. Welcome to the incomparable. Thank you very much for having me and of course. Welcome back jean macdonald. I'm so glad to be her coach. I can hardly wait good one. Yeah and this week. It was that i don't know anymore. It's hard to tell This week we're talking about episode four for the children which is a wonderful refrain through the episode. It's it's kind of used. As an epithet almost at one point which is delayed and we will kind of step through the plot a little bit. But we're probably just gonna talk because if you're listening to episode for of a ted lhasa podcast you've seen it. Please tell me you've seen it So this episode is is set around a charity gala that the football team hosts every year the football club getting pants territory And the the framework is sort of the typical day like post to the episodes. Start with But then it it very quickly shifts tonight and one thing that that is a problem right up front is that they're guest. Robbie williams their special musical guests has cancelled at the last second. And rebecca is showing some curves because she's never hosted this before. It was always rupert before. And so she's trying to play comb. she's trying to say. Oh it's no big deal. It's fine and of course it's not really fine but we'll find that out later So so before we really launch into it. What are your thoughts about the series in general. We love it. We love this. This is a this series is a gift. I i truly believe. This is a gift for people who have been holding out positivity and optimism in the face of a year that tried to pound the optimism. Right out of you It arrived at just the right time as far as concerned I'm i'm sure we'll reference at but specifically this writing team this collaborative squad of five or six individuals who tend to spearhead most of the writing on this waste in the dialogue. Almost every line has some significance or value or or just sheer entertainment to provide a. I love every minute of the show. Yeah it's one one of the things. That kind of amazed me when i first heard about it because i remember the original commercials that today kaz and brendan hunt. We're doing at. Apparently the characters go back even further than that because they had been fans for so long and when they brought in bill lawrence to help craft it into a sitcom into a show. And you know. He created scrubs. He co created cougar. Town and amid that alone said to me okay. They're they're not just doing a fish out of water the not just doing silly. Oh it's an britain. They're going to go for something a little deeper they're gonna go for humans having grown up relationships and friendships and it's as much as i enjoyed those shows. This might be even better. Well i mean when you talk about it came at the right time i actually did not watch it when it first landed because i thought it's a sports thing not i know it was more than a sports thing but i thought it's for sure dude thing like dudes talking about sports and life like together and one guy i had a little bit of a A worry when.

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