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The era rogers has told certain members of the organization that he does not want to return to the green bay. Packers has every right to one out of green bay a want nothing more than to see him back packer uniform. Just kind of about philosophy. It's about it's about culture doing things right wet. Football is a team sport but right now this one on one battle if he misses the mandatory many the packers confined him up and ninety. Three thousand dollars. You expect him to be here. It is mandatory. Yeah i. I don't know we'll see tuesday. Tuesday is here and there was no sign of aaron rodgers at packers mandatory. Ot age looking at them right. Now we're less than two minutes away from a live report out of green bay with all the latest. We'll also be live with the cowboys. Dak prescott just nine months removed from breaking. His ankle was back on the field with his teammates. Find out what. His head coach had to say about his progress and the chance back on the field. Tom brady rehabbing from an injury of his own. He's on the field is let it rip out there today. Sal paolantonio with bruce arians to talk about the quarterbacks progress brady full go the first day of bucks many camp because of course he was forty three is apparently the new twenty three also coming later in the show. The reason why the cowboys offense is all about dak now and no longer about zeke welcome. Nfl live everybody. Seemed right here. Adam schefter tim hasselbeck and ryan clark with you for the hour. Let's roll right into green bay. My friends that's where all eyes are right now. And you're looking at video from packers mandatory many today. You're also not looking at aaron rodgers. Because of course he's not there that did not stop the rest of his team from being asked about the quarterback including head. Coach matt lafleur. I'm not gonna get into my conversations with aaron in the communication and I think you know Actually optimistic but You know again. We'll take a day by day and just do whatever we can to help remedy this situation. Honestly i got no expectations man. I'm just you know being supportive of my god Let it all unfold. how does obviously. I'm i'm praying that he comes back. We all want him back. Everybody needs to stop thinking about everything and everybody needs to understand. Mind each other's business and we play with eleven. We have in the bill. Whatever he wants to do. Whatever the situation that comes out. I will never hold any graduates That is my friend that someone that i have appreciated in. He has done a lot for this organization and for me as an individual. Now as a teammate. I would be idiotic to say that i don't want the mvp back. Well there you go and our daily report now from rob demovsky been all over this aaron rodgers three all offseason rod. The big june eighth date is upon us. No sign of rogers. What's the mood around facility today. Laura it's really become the new normal around here another open practice and another day that aaron rodgers is in here. the interesting thing today is that it is mandatory. As you said now. I ask coach matt floor if he's going to excuse him or if he's going to find him. Of course you heard. Adam schefter report that in the last couple of days that they could excuse them in. The floor would not say whether this was going to be considered an excused absence or a final one but it was interesting to note. The two of the guys we spoke with today are two of rogers closest friends on this team. You heard david bahktiar and davante adams. I asked david yari. If he thought aaron rodgers would ever play for the packers again and he said i have just as much of an idea as anybody else does which essentially means he has no idea and as for davante adams he was asked whether he would eventually get frustrated. That one of the great quarterbacks if not the greatest in the league wouldn't show and it would let them down and he said. I would stand on a mountain a bleeping mountain and say that. I've got my quarterbacks back. So at this point laura. The players are all behind rogers. They'd obviously loved to have back. But they're not gonna hold any grudges until he gets what he wants if he ever gets that from the packers and of course some of those players did hold out when it wasn't mandatory but now to make financial sense for them to continue to hold out more rob coming later on in the show the next state to keep an eye on by the way july twenty seventh. That's when the packers are scheduled to report to training camp. Let's get adam schefter and here. He broke the news on draft night back. In april roger wanted out. Adam has rogers stance softened at all now that. Ota's have started without him not in the slightest bit. Laura in fact yesterday. I was told he is quote unquote strong as l. in his stance and again. Let's just let the facts tell the story. He did not attain. Ota's foregoing a half million dollars workout bonus for the first on in his career. This is the very first time in his career that he's missed a mandatory minicamp which subjects him to ninety three thousand dollar five. The packers can wait and then you heard his closest friends on the team today so they have no idea if and when he'll be back well he's not there and they don't know if he's coming there and the packers organization has been meeting with him for five months now trying to persuade them to come back and he's still not any closer to be back any still mad as hell. Then what does that tell you it tells you that the green bay packers need to start preparing for life without aaron rogers and it was explained to me this way. Also that aaron rodgers if he were to come in if you were to come in and elevate this franchise the way he has throughout his career and winning mvp and they win games and championships and titles and all those things guess what that shines a light on all the people that he does not want to shine a light on. He doesn't want them to look any better than they have. When these relationships have been what they've been so there are a whole host of factors but if we just sliced through it all and look at the facts the facts tell us that the green bay packers have any major problem on their hands. Adam with us until five pm. We've known this whole time are see. This is not a money thing. It's not a football thing necessarily. It's personal so as you hear adams point there about if aaron rodgers shows up in plays and and makes this packers front office look good. That's not what he wants at all. How does that make you feel about this entire conversation. I mean been sitting from the beginning that this was personal. That it about business in depending on how you look at things how you feel about things you can either feel that. Aaron rodgers is in the right or aaron rodgers is on the side of wrong because he's not upholding to what his contract says. He's supposed to do bert based on personal feelings. But that's why when you as david bakaray adams they expect aaron rodgers to do. They have no clue because this is based in emotion. This is based on what you feel. This is no longer about an organization and its hall of fame quarterback. This is about a couple's dispute and you know what happens couples disputes. It doesn't matter what the facts say. It doesn't matter necessarily who's wrong or who's right in matters about what people feel and what aaron rodgers feels. He's been done wrong by the individuals that are for the green bay packers. He's separated that from the organization and so there's no telling where those emotions will take him or win. Those emotions will subside. So if you're the green bay packers you have to know that you're in a whole heap trouble. You better be getting ready to play without aaron rodgers. Listen i said you're right on the money that it's personal. I think it's interesting. You know adams nugget there about you know being explained to him in a way that you know erin comes back in. The team has success. Then you know it was basically the shine light and give credit to people that aaron

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