A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/9/21--Guest Dan Jukich


Here on this wednesday june the ninth and looking forward heading north of the border and welcoming. Dan dupage to the program for first time. Dan caller of the races at hastings park before when it was exhibition park Fraser downs harness. And also before when it was cloverdale park dance. Been through several name. Changes i think hastings was actually hastings park and then hastings racecourse. I think because it was exhibition park. And then i think it became hastings park and then i think it became pace racecourse. So maybe he's been through five name changes but we'll talk to dan along career in in racing announcing and we'll talk some hastings and talk some of his career and racing's stories all that kind of good stuff one of my favorite dance. You get stories that we didn't get to. I'll tell it now. Why what the heck I was asked to fill in robert. Geller the great robert geller. Who was the announcer at emerald. For the first twenty years the track and then also at sunland park robert had an overlap For the like the he would. He did this a few years in a row. He would come up for opening weekend at emerald which was the second to last weekend at sunland and then he would go back to sunland for the closing weekend and would use a fill in for the second week at emerald. And i was asked to be the fill in which i was like great. I love it And so a few weeks before it was going on i had i was dealing with some personal struggles. Is i lied on the show. One hundred times. Don't talk about that. More and i said look. I don't think i can make the trip and do it. And so they were like no worries no problem so they asked andrew to do it so at emerald. They had never done. Robert had never announced the post parades except for the stakes races. He would always you know i. I think it's kinda now. The the industry standard is when horse. Come on the track. The announcer will read the conditions. Any changes in the information about the race. And then you know five minutes. Suppose time and then when it's a stakes race you do. The full post parade feels more special. I think that's kind of what become the standard but a few places still like to do the entire post parade. We still do my colonial. And i did them all at river and portland so i just was always used to doing and i. I like not having to do as much because that's usually the best time to memorize the horses because they're right in front of you but you know it just of depends on what the track watts. But a lot of announcers don't like to do them because it is just extra talking and You know it's like. I said you're you're doing all this reading when you'd rather be memorized horses at that particular point but whatever so robert never did emerald and that was kind of the the demo there so when i couldn't go fill in they ask dan if he could fill in and dan did. Dan would come down and call it emerald every so often like him in robert would like do little announcer exchanges some days. It was fun so. Dan gets there and dan just does the post parade. Because that's what he'd done hastings. And when robert gets back management goes you know. Dan was doing the poster. We kind of liked that. I think we want you to do the To the post eros like. Oh now why did he do that. I don't think he was mad. But it's just kind of one of those things where it's like man. You gotta gotta be careful what the fill in guy does but for to talk to dan here in just a couple of moments. We'll talk some hastings and more tomorrow. It's a horse player thursday. We're gonna welcome al ford onto the show. Recent winner of lonestar million betting challenge recent Nhc qualifier because of that. We'll talk a lot of that kind of stuff Talk about the tournament itself. Talk some strategy stuff. Talks just basic bedding and horse playing stuff. Alice another guy. We've kind of had a feel we've had a few of these guests. On the last several months you know horse players who have kind of dove in pretty seriously into it who are somewhat knew and came to it in adulthood. I think we've heard the story on the show especially from people who work in the business. Very very common of you know grow up going to the tract added. Mom worked at the tracker to add her. Mom took me to the track and they know just kind of grew up around always left. I mean that's my story to some degree. My dad always took me as low kid. And i love but it does seem rare to hear the. Oh you know. I kinda discomforted from this or whatever. I was thirty years old thirty five years old or forty years old. And it's i always love hearing those stories because i feel like that's what a lot of race tracks would desire as far as new customers. They they don't often market to it. I i'm hoping that that's shifting. You know i've i never wanna pooh-pooh anybody's fun right like if you want to get dressed up and go to the races. Few love the hats and the pomp and circumstance. And all that stuff that's fine. I'm a big believer that all these things can exist at the same time. I do wish that marketing dollars were spent a little more aggressively on the betting and winning side of things. I do think that was a big huge part of the poker explosion in the early two. Thousands was you saw regular people going into this skill game of gambling and winning lots of money and it was like hey effect i can do it i can do. I know that ace's beat kings. I i mean when i was first starting erasing almost every business meeting that we had portland meadows or wherever i was at was like okay. Well how did poker get people to get so into it because it was like oh five. Oh six it. Was you know a couple years after the poker boom but it was that place in the poker boom wear now. It was like celebrity poker and late night poker. There was poker on television every night somewhere. And there are probably still is because now there's so many specialty channels but this was when you know there was one hundred channels and travel channel or espn or i think nbc did poker after dark like it was a it was a

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