The Next Big Breakthrough? The Expanding Voice Market With Aakir Vaish

VOICE Global 2021


Wanna highlight play The audience orden and invoice will be the gender. It is absolutely very much already happening. In these emerging markets. Like today. I would say a businesses in india africa and southeast asia. Almost half theme dimensions And whatsapp is emerging as a very very big channel. Moore's what's whatsapp. The platform itself has launched new features just this month Which is now sits facebook and whatsapp launching these features. Regina lean more much to happen so it's a very Thing in this part of the water so your advice to those out there that are that are watching this interview Pay attention pay. Close attention to what's happening Look at Definitely be looking at. What's app For the for the brands out there for for customer interaction. Great customer interaction point and. Now it's a point of commerce so so noted Any predictions for two thousand twenty two. I love what you said that you feel like the pandemic accelerated this market by year. Maybe even to Any predictions for you know. Twenty twenty two That you would like to share novem hunter. Another one to me Many predictions i think. Go i do something else. Which is the thing that. I lose my sleep over If there was that was the best. The thing that i lose my sleep over these days the most days over the next eighteen months. There's going to be some massive disruption as these something. That's something that's going to give. Yvette is going to be You know some big product breakthrough some big tech breakthrough. You know editing in the water. Moving to whatsapp or who will business messages on alexa or alexei is going to be ready to become bigger like there's going to be something that's gonna you know almost addicting point where something is happening if this is even bigger than what we have. I don't know what that is yet. A lot of making different bags in areas which we think are going to pan out certain way share. But i think that's going to if Now we're talking about similar things. I'd be surprised

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