The Two Sides to Any Great Relationship


First teaching today is that simple. Understanding there's two sides of a coin and relationship. There's relationship i and there is grow and reach your potential independently as well that interdependence independence you must recognize the push and the pull of that and be attentive to that at all times to have a great relationship. I would argue that. Almost ninety percent of conflicts in relationships are actually not about who cleaned the kitchen. It's not about the finances or this kid didn't do that in the household. No no what it usually tends to be is a push pull between interdependence and independence and the couples not understanding that duality and not mitigating for that. Duality and so one person's like relationship. I we should do everything together. We should be on the same page. It should be perfect together and relationships also means. Hey win you're making decisions about your life. Make it please. In the context that we have chosen to live life together. Who's ever had a relationship or the person was completely oblivious. This idea of make the relationship. I it was probably miserable for you. It was like this person doesn't prioritize. And i believe that one thing has really helped us mean denise and our relationship is honestly she defaults to that she is so good and bringing me back to that. It's all it's about us. We plan together. We have to have the journey together. Don't just do these things. Think about how does that impact us our life our family and she's really good at that and i believe that's what his taught me to be a better man. I hope in the relationship we've gotten more and more years into our relationship together. I think that that is really powerful. How do you put relationship. I you always make decisions within the context of realizing you're in a relationship together like obvious right and it doesn't mean you can't have independent decisions. It means those decisions still take place in understanding the fax and the consequences of your actions within the relationship.

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