A highlight from #7: MORNING MESSAGES | Let Go Of Control

On The Verge


Tune in turn your attention inward by noticing your feet your hands notice your heart your heart beating your pulse somewhere in your body as we take the first few moments to simply turn our attention away from our thinking. Mind and into our body to find the throbbing of your heart. Notice your breath. You don't have to change it to simply allow your mind to rest on your breath and now with your mind resting on your breath without attention. Open your palms up to the sky in this hand. Position of receiving with your palms up. Now we can allow ourselves to let go now. I can't tell you what you're trying to let go of and you don't even have to bring anything specific to mind what we're practicing here today and becoming familiar with is what it feels like in your body to be receptive mode to be in a mode of allowing as opposed to a mode of control sometimes for me. It's helpful to repeat a mantra of and over in hell let x hail go. Inhale x hail go now. at first. this may feel uncomfortable. We spend much of our day trying to control. These people and outcomes causes our bodies to be tense causes our minds to be as we practice. Letting go in our meditation practice we then are able to recognize control out there in the world now. Sometimes of course at work in in certain situations specially. If you're leading a team leading a project there needs to be a certain amount of dr of action and we're not talking about those situations what we want to become familiar with is how we tents and contract in everyday life in everyday situations when we try to control people situation's an outcomes

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