He Wants Me and Not the Children


He wants me but not the children. Stephen shirley i am a nine year old female mary to a forty nine year old man. We have five children and five grandchildren. Here is the problem. My current husband. He says i have. I have five children and five grandchildren. Okay okay here is the problem. My current husband is not the father of my children. I married this man when my children were young though he's been in their lives for a very long time. My youngest son just graduated from high school and we'll be going away for college so now my husband thinks that we are done raising children and from now on it will be just the two of us. He has said that he that we don't have to worry about the kids anymore because they are all grown and have their own lives. So am i not supposed to. So am i not supposed to be involved with my children since they are no longer living at home. My children range from ages thirty to eighteen years old and all five of them live in different states. I wanna see them and my grandkids. As often as i can. In fact. I'd like to move closer to them. My husband does not want anything to do with them period. He doesn't want to visit them and he doesn't want them to visit us. He said That they don't need to come for the holiday. What the hell. He real ethics that because they are adult. I am supposed to forget that they exist. I understand that these are golden years and we should be enjoying a quality time together and traveling the world but our travels should also include trips to see my children. If he's really serious. I may have to spend my golden years alone. Stephen shirley can you please help me well Your letter started off nicely. So i'll put it like this your husband. I'm sure feels like he's done his job. And it's over. These were not his kids. he raised them anyway. He's been in their lives Since they were really young so he's done and not being their biological debt. Like i said the ties are cut. He has no connection really to them. It seems He cut them off and his concentration is now on you and you guys future together.

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