A highlight from S2EP13 Black and Muslim: Addressing the Problem of Islamophobia in Canada


Today's conversation a centered around the recent attacks and brutal killings of our brothers and sisters from the muslim community. First off islamaphobia. Racism hate crime against the muslim community is and has been a huge systemic problem around. The world in canada is no exception in needs to be addressed now and immediately racism. Racial slurs brutal attacks continued to rise. In canada and wendy's horrific crimes happened with sometimes like thank is episodic is a one off situation. It can't happen in canada. We don't like to attribute to stomach issues in canada because after all canada is supposedly a multicultural nation. Earlier this month. The absolute family went out for their usual sunday walk. You know in your neighborhood but this time they will run over by a truck in what police are calling a targeted attack. Motivated by anti muslim. Hate four members of the family lost. You'll live on that fateful day. Mum dad grandma sister all gone just like that and they were survived. By nine year. Old son was still grappling with what happened to the absolute family. This senseless cry fast forward to just a few days ago here in our community. Two muslims sisters visibly muslim. Because you're wearing hijabs. Were attacked in our community here. In the city of sonapur one of them was just knocked out unconscious to ground unless not forget about the attack in quebec in twenty seventeen where a man opened fire in a mosque and killed six people. Six people dead and several others injured. These attacks in canada are not episodic as you can see from history and from this quick summary that i'm doing here for you to be something needs to be done. Islamophobia is endemic our communities and in our assistant in light of these horrific incidents against the muslim community. I have long out the burning need to talk about this issue to highlight and bring awareness to this on my podcast. But i didn't want to talk about it by myself. I wanted to have a muslim brother or sister. come talk to me about it. Because i'm a christian. Most people know that. I'm a christian woman but i wanted the perspective to have my muslim brothers sister to come chat and let's talk about how we can do this so today my guess and i talking about how tackle and address islam phobia with concrete solutions. Concrete government policies. An actionable practices. That you and i can adopt to protect and support our muslim france. Neighbors co leaks brothers and sisters so with me. Today is fatiha. tia abdulai a letter. Introduce herself will soon here. But i wanna say that tia as a registered social worker number and currently works as an acute inpatients social worker. She scaled in multiple areas include psychotherapy crisis intervention case management group therapy and more ti as from the armel canadian community a young mother and activist and passionate about speaking truth to power raising awareness on social justice human rights.

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