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To another episode of fusion patrol. I'm eugene simon and tonight we're looking at the bugs episode number four called down among the dead men and i'm just going to say i just feel it should be amongst it for some reason. It wants to be amongst in my head anyway episode synopsis. Someone has been stealing navy salvage parts and willing to murder to do it through a not adequately explained coincidence. The team bugs is brought into a case by a bank. They've got their suspicions about an ex employee brodie who was mucking about with computerized stuff. Somehow he's linked to the ex navy diver. That's been stealing the navy parts. They distract the diver while ed searches his home for the parts the diver get suspicious and russia's home and he might have discovered eddie if not for brody and his wife showing up to talk about his demand to renegotiate their deal. No deal on that. And brody's wife kills him in cold blood. Ed escapes and manages to recover the bart's beckett. Ned poses ex-navy colleagues of the dead man and worked their way into the deal. Brody takes them on with the promise of riches if they finish the job he takes them aboard his submarine. Where ross can no longer track them. So she bugs brody's wife instead and follows her. She leads her to a very prominent diamond merchant in the city. She takes her info to the bank and they basically fire her. We don't do any business with a diamond merchant. And there's no way anyone could mess around with. Our computers says mr hubris one of the high money bucks at the company brody's plan is simplicity itself beckham mad or to use the parts to fix the pub on the submarine. This will allow them to open the lower hatching snag the undersea phone cables. He will tap into the cables intercept. A routine quarter of a million pound transfer from this bank replicated. Send the replica. The diamond merchant where his wife is waiting to use that money to purchase an equivalent amount of presumably untraceable diamonds. The all goes pear shape when they arrive at the dutch coast for fuel up and tries to contact. Ross and brody finds out killing ed when he causes the fuel stored blow up on the pier. He collapsed in irons and the plan goes forward. Since ed already did the important work of fixing the pump. The security investigator that brought team bugs in is still unofficially helping ross by allowing her some computer access so she can put the pieces together and has actually escaped alive and is now with the dutch navy. Searching for the sub the wire transfer fraud takes place rhody scuttles this up with beckett and the rent a crew aboard russia's to the diamond merchant and alerts them but in doing so brody's wife just goes homicidal killing everyone in the room and taking the diamonds and ross is hostage in the process as the building security cuts and locks down. She is cut off from her husband. She gives him the diamonds. But ross so's a little marital discord pointing out the he just take the diamonds and leave her fate. It rings true and she kills him. Brady's wife is taken down by security and roz uses brody's magic like satellite navigation. Do hickey radio ed. With the exact position of the sub and say beckett just in the nick of time in the tag scene team bug shows once again that they will spare no opportunity to be juvenile ashes to one another by presenting beckett with a fish. Okay i have to ask one question. I that i just could not figure out from this equation. If the intent was to intercept and duplicate a funds transfer from the bank to the bank in the continent thing in germany. if i'm not mistaken and then use that to send to the diamond merchant. A copy of it to the diamond merchant. Why was there any need for this to be sort of time. Specific couldn't they have just got nat transaction fingerprint and then duplicated it and done it later. I don't know there seemed to something to it that made it feel like they were going to redirect it which would have to be in real time. But they didn't they just copied it and like copying anything on a computer. Use it over and over again. So i don't know it just kinda odd. I have to say. I didn't completely follow all that stuff. It's million because it's the kind of thing that you know. Well i don't. I don't know directly to say this sting but certainly shows like hustle has more recently done almost exactly this this thing in the in the actual financial sector and become what. Yeah i don't know. I have to say i didn't totally fully and it didn't bother me too much how it works because i was enjoying. Yes tom onto your question. Okay checking i. I feel like this. This is another one of those examples where they're fishing for things that maybe haven't been done yet and so they haven't really haven't really given any thought to that because they don't under- they don't really understand the technology so they're they're going. What if they just did this. And then okay and they don't really think about it. After the after the fact well wait a minute. We could have just and fact. He could be doing this over and over again repeatedly. If that's all it takes is to redirect transaction to another organization. He could just hit every diamond merchant in the city whenever he wants but it it didn't It somehow it seemed to be time sensitive and that was the part. That didn't quite make sense to me if you're going to attribute What was in the writer's mind when he wrote this. Then okay

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