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Swing into summer. And i am just like net. Deepen the world's coolest data for some of the world's coolest channels So i am. I'm in that kind of you know that flow states you get so like yesterday. I literally just like rolled out of bed at like five. Am and then looked up and it was like twelve hours later. It was a little bit like okay. I'm too old to be doing this. But it was fun and it was just twelve. Hours of pure data bliss. Yeah all my knee. My meetings had been cancelled because everyone was out early for the weekend. And i just had. I didn't have anything to distract me. So nothing distracted me. Okay and for you the listener. You should know that as always you can follow along in your podcast app with any links that we may talk about and we have a special topic today that when is bringing her expertise. So i just wanna say as i've said before gwen you you move in this Ven diagram of high knowledge about data and then high knowledge about lifestyle content on youtube. And this intersection is so rare and so unusual and today you wanted to talk about Something about how brands get influence or marketing. Wrong on youtube. Is that the topic. yes yes into. Marketing is so key industry as someone who comes less from the business side as you do but more from the i create channels that i somehow need to fund. I have done a lot of influencer marketing in my career. In fact i just came off six months at a company. that only did influencer marketing. So i definitely think. I have a perspective here and also a kind of a bird's eye view an inside look at how brands try to work with creative channels and often get very very wrong and how they can actually maximize the investment. They make in into marketing and also Gets the best success. So let's break down and understand you know we hear influence or marketing bandied about what is it really. What is really influence marketing right. So insolence or marketing in most companies at this point have pretty much figured out paid marketing right and paid. Marketing is where you make yourself an ad and you run it via paid methods on say youtube facebook instagram. All that sorta stuff but you really do control you make the content or you have an agency that makes the content you pay for it to show up in front of a specific audience that you want influence marketing is slightly more new out nuance and people often. Don't get a right because they want to make it into paid marketing and it. It isn't now we'll talk later about how you can extend the life of your influence for marketing with paid marketing but as an actual lake product. Two very different things. So influence marketing. Is you where you work with. A craters organic channel. So since we are mostly youtube experts. Here you and i mean. Let's just use kind of youtube as the starting point. We talk about this topic so for you. Might you might identify a crater on the platform that you're like i think the really aligned with my business i think they have the democratic At the graphics and the audience can be super interested in buying my product. I wanna get in front of this audience. And i want to have the person they trust most. Which is the person who who's the channel. Tell them about my products that are more likely to buy and they can't they can fast forward but there's no like skip option where they just kind of automatically ignore. Ignore it so you go and you purchase crazy. Say hey we want to work together and you work together to make something that we call a branded integration. Okay so just just to. You know a lot of the people listening to this already. Know and have done influencer marketing. But basically what you're getting at is that it's not the same as running an ad. It's a different thing. Even though you may have a budget for ads and a budget for influencers it's really an entire the different thing and it will it will it. Will you know and will act entirely differently. Which will get into a little bit later. Like i think the biggest mistake that a lot of companies make is assumed. They're the same thing and try to use the same metrics to judge both all right and and if you're a creator you you might think of getting up brand deal or a sponsorship if you want if you're the business itself we think of it as a brand integration or something like that so so so what is branded integration. Exactly okay so a brandon aggression on youtube specifically usually comes in a very specific form. We can touch on a little bit about some variations on this but ninety five percent of the brennan negotiations that you're going to like get into business with a crater to create are going to look like this which is they will be one to two minutes as part of a larger. Say ten to fifteen minute video You can do dedicate a video highly. Recommend not doing that because nobody wants to watch a fifteen minute commercial. Just saying you're gonna be have much more effectiveness doing these one to two integrations and typically they happen you know Fairly soon in the video. We'll talk a little bit later. But how i think you may want to vary up the timing of that but the typical integration this points. This point is one to two minutes happening somewhere in the first couple of minutes of the video. And you know you work with the creator and say hey here is like the campaign that we're trying to run your talking points we wanna hit And you're going to in. Sometimes they'll demonstrate the product. Show the product. Whatever that product is that fills the most natural in the context of the video and after one to two minutes. They put the product way to go into the rest of the video. This is this is effective because even though they only see it for two minutes out of the fifteen minute video. They're they're kept there by the promise of the organic cotton. If they don't have the promise of the content the not watching just gonna watch a commercial for you

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