Haiti's Interim Leader Requests US Troops

The Takeaway


We're joined now. By gary pierre pierre founder and editor in chief of the haitian times gary great to have you here. Melissa and also with us is friends swap Louis professor of political science at queens college at the city university of new york who specializes in haitian politics and immigration francois. Welcome to the show. So gary i want to begin with you. What has been the impact in haiti in the immediate aftermath of this assassination. Well the impact has been a shock on the population. Jovial was not very popular in haiti. And i i would say that. The poll was generous to the reality on the ground. It was deeply unpopular for a host of reasons but nevertheless He's assassination brought people together Because people well as much as we dislike of now he was a president and then Foreigners came and kill him so right now There's a period of mourning. I'm afraid the unknown is. What would the people's reaction be think that one of the reasons why the so-called prime minister closures ask intervention. because he's he doesn't know what the reaction of the people would be in also more importantly what the gang leader's reaction would be if they decide to come together and god forbid attack and it'll be total chaos and so now the situation fluid We're assessing what's going on and winning. Because there is a mourning period of fifteen days and so we wait.

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