Reflections on G7 Activism and Beyond With Sophie Miller

Accidental Gods


What are your highlights of the actions around the g seven. Thank you mander. It's lovely to see you again on the other side of the seven. It was certainly incredibly busy tied really very full on pasta. A bit of a blair actually seem to remember the day that i had making my may tells was with my dale which was said that was quite relaxing. Actually with a group of people making many tales the mandate action. I was really pleased with it. It went really well. It was quite a challenging action to do. I had to get up plus one in the morning. I'm not even sure if that counts as the middle of the night definitely doesn't yeah goodness. Why did you have to get help us. Well well i felt very important that we were on the beach for sunrise In terms of the visual image photographers the lights at that time of day is really really beautiful but who say it felt very important that we would there to mock the moment of the first day of the g seven so we had. It just had to happen at that point and because we were wearing makeup ever are to size and backs and faces the whole uppercuts Basically it takes quite a long time to apply makeup olathe. Yeah wake off her. fussell Started putting makeup on. I think could around two. Am to be on the beach by four.

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