Honduras Convicts Ex-Executive in Murder of Indigenous Environmental Activist

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Yesterday verdict came down in a closely watched. Murder case in honduras accord found that a former construction firm executive guilty of collaborating to kill indigenous leader. Bear that cost us in. Two thousand sixteen custody was well known in honduras and among environmentalists worldwide for rallying the indigenous inca people have under us against the construction of a massive dam. There for her work cut has won. The prestigious goldman environmental prize at theater. Military-style sericola in been another done. This systematic amend director solemin tallies. No succeed gossard has accepted the award. Saying mother earth poisoned militarized is begging us to act now to talk about decosta's and the verdict author journalist. Connie joins me from new york. She's author of the bulk. Who killed beth aqazadeh nina a few years ago several men had already been convicted of murdering Wise yesterday's verdict so important. If absolutely historic in that first trial in two thousand and eighteen seven men that were found guilty will really a combination of the hired hitman and the middleman those that served as links between the planners the coordinators and the hitman yesterday dovid castille was found guilty and he was the most senior person today to have been held responsible for the murder and he's a former military intelligence officer. Who was trained in the of west point academy here in new york state of former government employees and he was president of the damn company which was leading the opposition against which a court has ruled was why she was killed. You know she was killed. They were very clear in both charles because how opposition to the dam had delayed the project and caused financial losses to the and that included castille and many others who are yet to face account.

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