Nintendo Releases New Switch Model With 7-Inch OLED Screen


Well who knows why they're doing this now instead of at e three as was the rumor but nintendo this morning announced an updated switch with a larger seven inch seven. Twenty p led display which can output four k. To a tv. It's going to go on sale on october. Eight for three hundred and fifty dollars quoting the verge while rumors had suggested this new switch would ship with a new invidia chip inside. It's not immediately clear if nintendo has upgraded the internal processors other than the new screen. This revised model includes an adjustable stand for tabletop play sixty four gigabytes of built in storage up from thirty two gigabytes a new dock with a weird ethernet port built in and improved audio for handheld or tabletop play. The new switch arrives nearly two years after nintendo switch light a smaller and cheaper version of the switch that you can't hook up to a tv. The switch light debuted at one hundred ninety nine dollars in september twenty nineteen then tend to switch has sold incredibly well with the console dominating. Us sales charge for nearly two years. Straight switch lifetime. Sales are at eighty four point. Five nine million units ships since its launch in two thousand seventeen a figure that is getting closer to the week consoles one hundred one point six three million lifetime sales mark and quote. So it's really a bit of a weird announcement. Aside from the timing aside from the new screen really isn't new hardware at all quoting nick stat on twitter so the new switch isn't the next gen upgrade somewhere expecting no new chipset or improved battery life also giving it the name. Nintendo switch led model is pretty telling no switch pro or switch to good thing about the new switch and why i'm buying it. Is it's compatible with current controllers and it does have better battery life than my four year old base model switch. So it's a no brainer. And

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