The M.T.A. Is Breached by Hackers as Cyberattacks Surge


Nyc transportation authority heck using pulse. Secure zero day back in april chinese beck threat. Actors breached. the network of new york city's metropolitan transportation authority by exploiting a pulse. Secure zero day vulnerability. According to mta's chief technology officer rafael portnoy while the attacker successfully hacked into mta computer systems. They were not able to gain access to employees or customer information which portnoy attributed to. Mta's layered security controls. Mta mitigated the vulnerability on april twenty first one day. After poll secure issued an advisory cybercriminals contest defined new crypto currency exploits april twentieth prevalent russian-speaking underground forum initiated a contest calling for its community to submit new methods of attacking crypto currency and offering a one hundred fifteen thousand dollar prize to the winner according to intel four seventy one's senior vice president of global intelligence. Michael d bolt some of the top ideas so far are generating a fake blockchain front end website to steal info such as private keys and balances creating a new crypto currency blockchain from scratch increasing the hash rate speed of mining firms and botnets and building custom tools to parse cryptocurrency logs from victim machines the contest which is expected to run through september first is a reminder that criminals continue to collaborate and explore cutting edge techniques to help further their motives. Fbi confirms revival as jbs ransomware attacker. The fbi confirmed on that russian cybercriminals group revival is responsible for the ongoing ransomware attack targeting gb s. The world's largest meatpacking company the fbi issued a statement indicating they are quote working diligently to bring the threat actors to justice and quote. Rievaulx is notorious for pushing. The boundaries of the ransomware is a service industry and targeting high-profile victims including former president donald trump and lady gaga with attempted extortion schemes.

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