Mexico Is Holding Its Largest Elections Ever



Mexicans will go to the polls in an election that's been one of the bloodiest the country has ever seen. More than 80 candidates have been murdered since last September. In the capital, there's a local race that will elect someone to a brand new office to represent migrant interests in Mexico City's Congress. Tens of thousands of migrants living abroad will cast votes from KJ diseases. Mexico City Bureau Rodrigo Cervantes reports. This year's midterm elections in Mexico are played with interesting characters in the state of Sonora and Social Media. Influencer runs for Congress while in neighbouring Baja California. Mexico's first Miss Universe wants to be governor. First runner up is this Netherlands Miss Universe Is Mexico In Mexico City, a legendary mask wrestler wants to become district mayor. He got the Savio He have love and the former singer of the acclaimed cumbia band Los Angeles Azules also runs for District Mayor. Splendid. There's also a first of a kind position on the ballot this year, and the office is expected to give voice to millions of Mexico City natives living outside of Mexico. A migrant Congress, person disposal reform electoral those milk and Jose Antonio Correia is a former adviser for Mexico City's Electoral Institute, an expert in migrant political and voting rates. He says. The Post is a local congressional seat that Mexico City's government and electoral authorities promoted along with immigrant lobby groups after the 2014 electoral

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