Liberal D.C. Mayor Bowser Flops on Last Summer's Riot Response


Jonathan Charlie has a great piece in the hill today. Headline. Biden and Bowser administrations change. Joe changed their tunes on last summer's right responsible. They did. Oh, really? We hearing this in the media changed their tune, so they're tuned last time. Trump's of Fascist tear Gassed Everyone, awful guy. I'm Mariel Bowser. I love everyone. BLM peaceful protests, people We're going to sing around roast. I've seen campfire songs and roast s'mores around a campfire. From the Jonathan Turley piece. You could read it to my newsletter today again, But you know that com slash newsletter. He says, quote that was Trump out of the White House. Muriel Bowser's administration insists I gotta stop stopping mid sense. All right, I'll start with the guy I know that I love you get upset about it. It's just this is hilarious. Now, with Trump out of the White House. Bowser's administration insists there was nothing unreasonable the use of tear gas to enforce a curfew and is asking the court to this missile lawsuit by protesters, including black lives matter. Do you see? The media has spent the past year denouncing the Trump administration over its alleged use of tear gas seems largely silent. This material, Bowser's administration claims its own use of force was reasonable. This is

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