Kim Kardashian Breaks Down Over Failed Marriage to Kanye

Daily Pop


We never see. Kim kardashian open about her relationship with the us but last night on keeping up with the kardashians got real. How are you doing. There's no fighting like now. It's like all calm. So i just i just roll with it. You know kim is dealing with so much right now and it's tough because before we left her in connie had this big fight someone that can go support his every. Go follow him. All over the place and moved to wyoming. I can't do that. He should have a wife supports his every move and travels with him and does everything and i. I feel like a failure that it's like a third eric. Gee i feel like a loser. But i want wanna be happy. You know. it's so crazy when you see the strongest of your siblings breakdown. You forget how uncomfortable you get. Like courtney is looking at everything trying to figure out where to put her is because you just never see him really go there especially about kanye. Because there's always at one sibling. That acts like everything's great. Everything's fine we're good so it's just interesting to see courtney who's like everybody else.

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