Netflix Wants to Play in the Gaming Industry


Week net flicks released. Its second quarter earnings. The company said it added one point five million new subscribers that's slower growth in the streaming giant has seen over the last several quarters but netflix also announced plans to expand into something new gaming in a letter to investors. The company said it views gaming as another new content category for it similar to how it expanded into original films animation and unscripted tv. So how hard will it be for netflix. To enter this new category joining us to discuss is tech reporter sara nadelmann. Hey sarah thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. So tell me why does net flicks wanna get into gaming. Netflix wants to get in gaming. Because it's a very lucrative business and games unlike. Tv shows and movies can provide entertainment for months or even years or longer Gained followers can update their games very easily over the internet with new maps new characters new modes of play so the really sticky and long lasting and so for netflix which is seen slice subscriber growth. It's really important that the company retain its users and of course add nuance. The other thing for netflix is that is facing a lot of stiff within the video streaming realm so You know user growth has been slowing and at the same time. It's facing its first serious challenges to his business. You have while disney's disney plus one or media's hbo max you have companies like apple amazon. They're spending aggressively on streaming content in the numbers. Go on hulu peacock. There's so many of them so a lot of these just didn't exist a few years ago. Netflix is looking for ways to expand. Business netflix is earnings. Were released the other day. What did that tell us about their gaming interests and how far they're going to take it on will. They confirmed that they're going ahead to focus on mobile games As opposed to consular. Pc games at least at the start and they will be free for subscribers so they won't be an additional

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