A highlight from Unreleased Tony Joe White Songs Are Brought To Live, After His Death

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This is the world cafe. I'm raina dora's if you've ever lost someone close to you you've maybe had the experience of going through their things. Maybe you've uncovered parts of their life. You didn't know about or discovered unfinished projects they were working on. That would happen to jodi white after jody's dad singer-songwriter tony joe white passed away in two thousand eighteen. Jodi found a bunch of tony. Joe's unreleased unfinished songs today. You'll hear how jodi took those songs to. Dan are back and how they together brought them to life on a new tony. Joe white album called smoke from the chimney. My conversation with jodie white and dan are back is coming up but first the title track from the new posthumous tony joe white album. This is smoke from the chimney owner. Smoke from the chimney title track from the new tony joe white album which has been brought to us by. Dan are back antonio white son. Jody white. We're going to get into exactly what that means. When i say brought to us by

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