Harry Kane Tells Tottenham Hotspur He Wants to Leave



The news breaking in the uk skysports reporting. Joel's harry kane has told spurs. He wants to leave in the summer. Don he's been confirmed now by by people at the club. The hurricane is now officially handed transfer request but made donna. Livia where he wanted to leave. The cemetery was hoping that the club will go. There could be a quick transfer. Hopefully being all done before the start of the euros which is obviously very ambitious and very optimistic but we intend signs before in what hurricane. We're seeing certain interview saying let's see where i am next season. Let's hear the end of the season. One gonna do next. Those kinds of signs are maybe before i think. He's lost patients in in in waiting for trophies spurs maybe not fitting for everything that is given to the club. The club has giving him back teams around him that could go and win and challenge trophy china's premier league titles and others. He came very close. Many times lost all those finals. And maybe now he felt it was better fame to move away from spurs and continuous carrier. Some words let's money. Let's talk contract yours. How much is he going costs. And who can afford him so hurricanes got three years left on his current contract. Uh spurs he turns. Twenty eight at the end of july and the price is pretty straightforward. I think he's one hundred and fifty million pounds. This is why it is the problem our weekend and his agent with harvey's right don't want to send to any other english clubs no rival clubs the only idea for them if they were to go and it's someone could pay. That fee will be only to a foreign club and again abrode. There's not many clubs right now. We can afford became the g. Probably one of them. I guess by an munich you really wanted to. But now we live on skiing team run madrid if they can get the money together maybe one. Oh wait for erling haaland for example. Don't have the money for sure right now. So options are limited outside of the uk and in the uk. We know that she made contacts with hurricanes agent. But it could be. A problem is i. Don't want to sent to them.

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